What makes Needlework System4 so unique is that all of the components (stands and holders) are interchangeable. 

Build the perfect system that’s right for you in 3 easy steps! 

Choose your stand, choose a holder and choose accessories.

1.     Stands

We have all types of stands to fit your particular needs. We have excellent floor stands and sturdy table stands. We have light-weight portable stands so you can move your project anywhere you need (classes, friend's house, trips, etc.)

Perfect for sitting in your favorite chair or sofa. 


- Folds for easy storage.

- Weighs just 4.5 lbs

- Adjusts to any angle

- Fits under most furniture

Floor Stand

Needlework System4 : Travel-Mate S4002


The Travel-Mate works the same as the Floor Stand except for a telescoping feature that makes it very easy to carry.

- Fits into most luggage.

- Weighs just 4.5 lbs

- Adjusts to any angle

- Fits under most furniture

Table/Lap Stand

Provides an exceptionally sturdy base for use on top of a table or on your lap. 

- Extremely well balanced

- Weighs only 1 3/4 pounds

- Folds flat for easy carrying. 

Table Clamp

The sturdiest table clamp on the market.  This clamp will attach to almost any table top without damaging the surface.

- Weighs just 1.5 lbs

Adjusts from 1" to 6 1/2" above table top.

Opens to fit tables up to

3 1/2" thick. 
Fits 2" deep from Clamping Pads.

Rug Floor Stand

The rug floor stand is exceptionally sturdy, lightweight and easy to store.

It is comprised of two floor stands (Standard or Travel-Mate) for the base. 


The 56" Rug Scroll Frame. (Weighs just 4.5 lbs.)

2.        Holders

 We have a stretcher bar holder and various scroll frames to meet your needs. 

Frame Clamp

This easy-to-use clamp holds traditional stretcher bar frames firmly.

The Frame Clamp opens up to 1 1/4" to accept most frames and closes for doing Rozashi. The Jaws hold frames firmly without damaging fabric.


- Weighs only 1 lb

- Rotates 360 degrees

Scroll Frame

These exceptionally sturdy and easy-to-use frames come with a set of dowels and will also accommodate most dowels on the market.

Rotates 360 degrees and holds its position without using handles.

- Weighs only 4 lbs

- Comes in 3 sizes:

   12" to 20"

   18" to 30"

   24" to 40"

Belt Scroll Frame

This holder makes working on horizontal projects like belts or banners a breeze.

It rotates 360 degrees in the same fashion as the Frame Clamp. This allows you to work on your project in the normal facing position.

Q-Snap™ Holder

These holders grasp

Q-snap™ frames firmly.

Accepts 8 to 17 inch

Q-Snap Frames.


- Weighs only 2.5 lbs

3.       System4 Add-on Accessories

After you choose the perfect stand and holder, you can really enhance your project work space with expert designed  accessories that fit perfectly with your new system. 

Light & Magnifier Holder

This attaches to the floor stands and provides a secure method to attach most lights and our sheet holder and scissor tray.

Sheet Holder

(shown on Floor Stand)

The will hold your instructions sheets in a convenient position for easy viewing.

Scissor Tray

The Scissor Tray connects to the Light & Magnifier Holder which can be used on the Floor Stands. 

Shown on the Floor Stand

Radius Arm Extension

This attaches to any of the stands and provides options to be closer to your work or just position it differently to better suit your needs.

       Additional Accessories

Additional accessories that we carry for your ordering convenience.

Stork Scissors - Gold

Tamsco Stainless Steel, 3.5 inches

Curved Scissors - Gold

Tamsco Stainless Steel Curved Blade, 2.5 inches

Scissors - Blue

Tamsco Stainless Steel, 3.5 inches

Scissors - Red

Tamsco Stainless Steel, 3.5 inches

 Possible Combinations of Stands and Holders

Floor Stands 

Floor Stand and Travel-Mate  have the same possible combinations

Floor Stand and Frame Clamp

Floor Stand and Scroll Frame

All Sizes

Floor Stand and Belt Scroll

Floor Stand and Q-Snap

Lap Stand

Lap or Table Stand with Frame Clamp | Needlework System4

Lap Stand and Frame Clamp

Lap Stand and Scroll Frame

Small and Medium Sizes

Picture Coming Soon

Lap Stand and Belt Scroll

Lap Stand and Q-Snap

Picture coning soon

Table Clamp

Table Clamp with Frame Clamp

Table Clamp with Scroll Frame

All Sizes

Table Clamp and Belt Scroll

Table Clamp and Q-Snap

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