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Needlework System 4 was started in 1996 by a brother and sister team that had a passion for needlework and design ingenuity. The sister was an avid needle-worker and was continually asking her brother to repair or make adjustments to the stands and holders she had used over the years.  The brother happened to have manufacturing design experience and an eye for quality. They decided they should put on their thinking caps and design a superior stand from scratch.

After nearly two years of research and testing the initial floor stand and frame clamp was complete.  The use of aluminum and stainless steel made this design truly unique in the industry due to its functionality, durability and light weight.  The initial floor stand and frame clamp was introduced to the market in early 1998 with great success.  Over the years additional products have been introduced, all from the requests of stitchers and all with the same emphasis on functionality and quality.  Needlework System 4 products are now shipped throughout the US, Canada and even into Europe and Japan.  

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