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  • Why aren't prices on the website?
    Needlework System4 is sold exclusively through fine Needlework Shops. This enables us to focus on designing and manufacturing the best needlework system available and provides for the consumer to receive personalized hands-on information at a local level. Please visit the "Store Locator" page of our website to find a local needlework shop that carries our full line of products.
  • What should I do if I'm having trouble setting up a newly purchased product?
    All of the products are extremely easy to set up and use and the stores will typically be able to provide the appropriate information. In addition there are instruction sheets with every product and we also have a video series (coming soon!) on the website that will walk you through setting up all of the products. Feel free to call us if you still need assistance.
  • My holder (Frame Clamp, Scroll Frame, Q-Snap) is slipping where it connects to the stand. What should I do?"
    All of the holders are designed to fit very securely to the stands. If the holder is slipping it is because it has been put on backwards and the teeth are not mating. Please make sure the teeth on the holder is mating with the teeth on the stand when you connect it to the stand.
  • Why are my stretcher bars moving or slipping in the Frame Clamp?
    The System4 Frame Clamp will hold stretcher bars extremely secure. If your stretcher bars are slipping check to see that you aren't clamping down on a tack that is holding the canvas to the stretcher bars. This may cause the stretcher bars to slip.
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